Meet Lindsay – A Yoga Studio Entrepreneur Blending Passion with Business

At King Bookkeeping & Consulting, we service small businesses and individuals throughout the country. We created the persona of Lindsay Segal to represent an entrepreneur client of our small business bookkeeping services. While Lindsay embodies many of the traits of our business clients, we open our doors to entrepreneurs in many industries.lindsay-persona-image

Meet Lively Lindsay

  • Age 35
  • Married, no children yet
  • Yoga studio owner


  • Establish a successful business doing what she loves.

If all it took was passion to make a small business grow, Lindsay’s startup yoga studio would be the biggest one in Austin. However, this vibrant young woman is smart enough to remember the old adage, “Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration”. Fortunately, as a fitness enthusiast, Lindsay’s not afraid of a little sweat. She knows that making her business flourish is going to take a lot of time and attention over the upcoming months and years. That’s fine, but Lindsay wants to make sure she maintains a healthy work/life balance too.

A tip from a FaceBook friend convinced her to think about hiring a part time bookkeeper to handle some of the “perspiration” side of the business. As Lindsay starts looking around for the right person to fill this role, she realizes something else. If she picks a small business bookkeeper with real world experience, she could also get some “inspiration” for ways to make her own company more profitable. Lindsay wants to get her business model and pricing structure right the first time, not through trial and error.

Lindsay’s dream of running a successful yoga studio is on the way to becoming a reality now that she:

  • Has a business advisor she can trust
  • Understands what it will take to boost revenue
  • Keeps learning ways to reduce business expenses
  • Gets all her bookkeeping needs met for an affordable price

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Meet Brian – A Family Man Running a Growing Business

At King Bookkeeping & Consulting, we service small businesses and individuals throughout the country. We created the persona of Brian Sanders to represent a small business owner client of our small business bookkeeping services. While Brian embodies many of the traits of our business clients, we open our doors to small businesses of many industries.brian-sanders-persona-picture

Meet Busy Brian

  • Age 40
  • Married with 2 children
  • Owner, snow removal & landscaping company


  • Make more money
  • Grow his business
  • Increase profitability
  • Outsource non-core business functions

Brian runs his own business, which means he wears many different hats. If only he had an extra head – especially one that was good with numbers! Sometimes it’s hard for Brian to hand over certain responsibilities to other people. He built this business brick by brick and he wants everything to be done right. That’s why he’s particularly displeased with his current situation. It looks like his previous bookkeeper (who moved out of state last month) didn’t keep very good records.

Brian’s frustration is understandable. The hours spent figuring out confusing software and poring over spreadsheets is taking a toll on his patience. It’s also taking him away from being with his family. He’ll miss his son’s soccer game for the first time ever this weekend and that’s not OK.

Brian knows he needs to delegate the bookkeeping again so he can concentrate on the things only he can do: run the strategic side of his business and be present consistently for his wife and kids. However, in the process of sorting out the mess his former bookkeeper left behind, he’s come to a realization. Hiring someone full time to handle recordkeeping and other recurring bookkeeping tasks really isn’t necessary. He just needs someone who is reliable and accurate so the books stay balanced. Now that he’s outsourced his bookkeeping to a professional small business bookkeeper, he can:

  • Focus on the larger goals of his business
  • Have peace of mind knowing his bookkeeper is professional and properly qualified
  • Pay only for the amount of work he needs done
  • Be the husband and father his family deserves

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Meet Kathy – A Woman Seeking Financial Order

At King Bookkeeping & Consulting, we service small businesses and individuals throughout the country. We created the persona of Kathy Tiller as a reflection of a typical individual who may employ us for personal bookkkeeping services. While Kathy embodies many of the traits of our personal clients, we open our doors to men and women of all ages and backgrounds.


Meet Carefree Kathy

  • Age 55
  • Divorced mother of 3 and grandmother of 2
  • Senior Manager – Marsh USA


  • Get personal finances in order
  • Spend time with the people she loves
  • Maintain high quality of life

You probably have a few friends like Kathy. Maybe she even reminds you a little of yourself. She’s not a shopaholic, but she does enjoy nice things. There was that trip to Milan last year, the Disney World adventure with her granddaughter, occasional meals at Austin’s hottest restaurants… Somehow, it all adds up to a lot more than she thought. Looking at her bank statement always makes her feel uneasy.

It’s the late notices from her utility and credit card providers that really make her blush. Kathy isn’t sure how things got like this. Her job pays a handsome salary. There’s actually more than enough money in her checking account to cover her monthly bills. But keeping track of due dates and login information for all those different accounts is a chore. This stuff always slips through the cracks somehow.

Kathy recognizes that managing the details of her personal finances isn’t her strong suit. Instead of beating herself up about it, she decides to make a positive change. A close friend suggested hiring a personal financial assistant who can track and categorize spending and make sure bills are always paid on time.

These days, Kathy spends less time worrying about balancing her checkbook and more time enjoying her life. She can do this with confidence now that she:

  • Reviews her accounts once a month with her bookkeeper
  • Fully understands and takes responsibility for her spending habits
  • Doesn’t get late notices anymore
  • Know that her personal financial information is treated with great discretion

Do you feel the same need to get your finances in the order? If so, give us a call today: 888-815-4526.