1) How much do your services cost?

Business Service packages start at $250 per month for our basic services. Personal Service packages start at $100 per month. For a full price list of our service offerings please see our Services section.

2) What if I need a service that you don’t have listed on your service offerings?

While our service offerings list is quite extensive, we cannot list every possible service we are able to provide. If you have a specific need that is not listed in our Services section, please let us know and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you.

3) What type of Business bookkeeping services do you provide?

Our business bookkeeping services range from basic service, where we review the work you have done and provide a handful of reconciliation services, to full service, where we take care of the majority of the work. We offer 3 service plans ranging in complexity of services provided. These plans will be specifically tailored to each business client to provide the exact services you need. We also offer a la carte services if you prefer to build your own service package. For a more complete look at our services, please see our Business Bookkeeping Services page.

4) What type of Personal bookkeeping services do you provide?

Our personal bookkeeping services are specifically tailored to each of our individual clients. The purpose of these services is to take the burden and pressure off of the client with regards to managing their personal finances. We recognize that accurate and on-time recordkeeping requires a specific skillset and mindset that not everyone possesses or even has a desire to develop. No matter what your circumstances are (retirement, divorce, hectic schedule, etc.) we believe that we can help alleviate the anxiety that can accompany personal financial responsibilities. It is very difficult if not impossible to make educated decisions about how you choose to spend your money if you do not have an accurate picture of what your current spending habits are. Since each client’s individual needs will vary, our Personal Bookkeeping Services do as well. Please see our Services section for a list of most commonly provided services.

5) What type of Consulting services do you provide?

Our consulting services are focused primarily on helping our clients maximize their profits. Whether it has to do with how to increase revenue, decrease expenses or streamline operations, we will provide you with our recommendations based on the knowledge and experience we have accumulated both running our various businesses and assisting clients with theirs. We see these consulting services as a value added to our bookkeeping clients. We are happy to provide as much or as little insight on your business as you desire.

6) How much experience do you have?

We started in the bookkeeping field in 1998. We have experience providing bookkeeping services ranging from the duties of a full-time CFO to those of a part-time bookkeeper.  Whatever the requirements of each job are, we believe that our background has provided us with the experience and knowhow to meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

 7) What are the benefits of having a Bookkeeper?

By hiring a Bookkeeper, you will be able to offload part or all of the responsibilities related to the financial side of your business. By delegating these tasks to a specialist, you will be freeing up your time to focus on the operational and marketing aspects of running your business. This free time in conjunction with the accurate and timely reporting of financial information from your Bookkeeper, will allow you to focus on streamlining operations and increasing profit. Even if you are happy with the current state of your business, you may want to consider hiring a Bookkeeper as a means of freeing up some of your time so you can spend it doing the things you love outside of work. Whether you lack the time, training or inclination to keep track of your financial records on your own, outsourcing to a professional Bookkeeper can be the solution you have been looking for.

8) Why would I want to hire an outside part-time Bookkeeper instead of keeping a full-time Bookkeeper on staff?

The simple answer is that you can get the same accurate and timely service at a fraction of the price. Why pay a full-time employee to sit in your office doing the work that can be handled much more efficiently by a part-time Bookkeeper? A full-time employee might have the inclination to look busier than they really are in order to justify their full-time position. An outside Bookkeeper paid only for work completed has an interest in being as efficient as possible when it comes to time spent. You will also be able to save on overhead costs (payroll taxes, benefits, workers comp, etc.) associated with a full-time employee.

9) What bookkeeping software do you use/are you familiar with?

While we are familiar with a number of different bookkeeping programs, we believe that the future for software is in the Cloud. Because of this, we have chosen QuickBooks Online as our preferred bookkeeping software. We have experience with transitioning clients from QuickBooks Desktop and other bookkeeping programs to QuickBooks Online as well as setting up new businesses with a QuickBooks Online account.