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Why hire a bookkeeper?

Today’s small business owners are struggling to find a balance between doing their own books and providing salary and benefits for a fulltime bookkeeper. We offer the option of hiring an educated, qualified, professional to handle financial record-keeping on a part-time, contract basis. Our customers pay an affordable fee for these services each month based on their typical business or personal bookkeeping needs. We are happy to work remotely or on-site, whichever is most convenient for you. Simply make your financial records available and we can take it from there. Our philosophy about bookkeeping is focused on efficiency so you have more time to spend on what matters most to you.

Benefit from Our Perspective

As consultants, we offer clients value above and beyond the basics of accurate record-keeping. We use your financial information as the starting point to providing clearer insight into ways you can maximize profits. After building, growing, and selling a family-owned business ourselves, we have a firm grasp on the strategies that lead to success. When you meet with our team to discuss the future of your business, you won’t think of bookkeepers as unimaginative any more. We offer creative and compelling solutions to take your company to the next level.

Discover More About Bookkeeping

Can a bookkeeper still help you if you already have a pretty good handle on QuickBooks? What qualifications does King Bookkeeping & Consulting bring to the table? See our FAQ section for the answers to these questions and more. Don’t forget to browse through our library of free resources to find useful tools and educational materials that can help you run your business better. You can also visit our blog for fresh tips on smart money management.