Our Philosophy

We recognize that you are the expert in your business and your life. You know what you want; it’s our job to help you get there. You have enough responsibilities to juggle at work and at home. Let us balance your books!

Spend Time Doing What You Do Best
At King Bookkeeping & Consulting, we trust that you know how to run your business better than anyone. You know your strategy and objectives, your strengths and weaknesses, what you want and what you need. Your expert grasp of the big picture is what puts your company on the road to success. When you have confidence that your books are being kept correctly, you can focus more mental energy on business operations, marketing, and other areas where you excel. It’s our job to streamline the financial side of your business so you can reach your goals sooner rather than later. Consider us a valued member of your team. You call the plays and we help you get the ball in the end zone.

Indulge in a Balanced Checkbook
Perhaps it’s your personal financial records that need a makeover. There’s no shame in admitting that managing your bank and credit accounts or paying bills isn’t how you prefer to spend your time. You’re the CEO of your life – and a smart CEO always relies on a trustworthy CFO to handle the numbers. We support you in building the financial habits that create the future you envision. In the meantime, you’ll find your day-to-day life easier and more enjoyable knowing that your accounts are in order.