Personal Services

Our personal bookkeeping services are specifically tailored to each of our individual clients. The purpose of these services is to take the burden and pressure off of the client with regards to managing their personal finances. We recognize that accurate and on-time recordkeeping requires a specific skillset and mindset that not everyone possesses or even has a desire to develop. No matter what your circumstances are (retirement, divorce, hectic schedule, etc.) we believe that we can help alleviate the anxiety that can accompany personal financial responsibilities. It is very difficult if not impossible to make educated decisions about how you choose to spend your money if you do not have an accurate picture of what your current spending habits are. While each client’s individual needs may vary, below is a list of the services most commonly provided as well as the starting fee for those services (fees may be higher based on complexity of work involved).

  • KBC Personal Services Pricing

  • Creating and updating a personalized Spending Worksheet to easily track monthly income and expensesSpending Worksheet
  • Reconciling and properly allocating expenses from Credit Card and Bank StatementsBank/Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Entering principal and interest on any loan paymentsLoan Payment Entry
  • Tracking returns on any Investment AccountsInvestment Account Tracking
  • Paying bills in a timely manner to avoid late charges and interestBill Payment
  • Meeting with client once per month in office or by phone conference to update and review current financial statusClient Meetings